Sleeveless Round Hem MIDI Dress


Zenana Sleeveless Round Neck Round Hem Midi Dress w/pockets.

Total Body Length: 42”
Bust: 43”
Measured from size 1X

57% Polyester 38% Rayon 5% Spandex


Black, 1X, Black, 2X, Black, 3X, Blue Grey, 1X, Blue Grey, 2X, Blue Grey, 3X, Ash Grey, 1X, Ash Grey, 2X, Ash Grey, 3X, Rose, 1X, Rose, 2X, Rose, 3X, Lt Green, 1X, Lt Green, 2X, Lt Green, 3X, Deep Coral, 1X, Deep Coral, 2X, Deep Coral, 3X, Ash Mocha, 1X, Ash Mocha, 2X, Ash Mocha, 3X, Lt Rose, 1X, Lt Rose, 2X, Lt Rose, 3X, Dusty Teal, 1X, Dusty Teal, 2X, Dusty Teal, 3X, Ocean Blue, 1X, Ocean Blue, 2X, Ocean Blue, 3X, Ruby, 1X, Ruby, 2X, Ruby, 3X


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